Deluun soum

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Province:Bayan-Ulgii province 
Centre of sum:Deluun, 150 km located from Ulgii.
Area:5594.99 km2

Deluun is a sum (district) of Bayan-Ulgii Province in western Mongolia. Deluun soum  was established in 1938. Existing from sea level 1800 to 4000 meters. Soum is rich in natural resources, and minerals such as gold, mud, tungsten, lime and granite are abundant with Shegirtai (Chiher) and Gants Mod Springs, which can be used to treat various diseases. Altai, Tolbo, Bulgan soums, Khovd and Duut soums of Khovd province and border with China to the west. Total land area is 549.1 thousand hectares.
Deluun is located in the western part of our country and is within the high mountains of Altai.

Deluun sum is located:

  • Approximately 1,800 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 150 km from the province center.


Located on the border of Hovd and Bayan-Olgii near the town of Deluun, Kohkh Serkhiin Nuruu (“Blue Goat”) has the world’s largest concentration of the endangered argali sheep. The park is an important refuge for many other rare and endangered species including the snow leopard, Altai deer and the ibex. Your best chance for seeing these rare animals is in this park. In fact, the largest ram horns ever recorded at 190 cm long (6 ft 2in) were from an Argali sheep killed just outside the park. For that reason, it hosts many regular tours with horse riding being especially popular. The 65,920 hectare park is several hours on rough roads south of Olgii. There are regular shared jeeps and cars between Olgii and Deluun. From there it is a short hike to the park.